Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the benefit of using a registered migration agent (RMA)?

Registered migration agents are required by law to have the knowledge and skills to deal with migration matters and to abide by the Code Of Conduct as well as being bound by Australian Law. Cejo Agents are experienced lawyers who are specialists in Migration Law as well as Family Law and Criminal Law to represent you with more than just your migration matters. Migrating and applying for a visa is a complex process, and in most cases requires experience and awareness of the many visa requirements.

Do I need a visa to enter Australia?

Yes, to lawfully enter Australia you need an Australian visa.

How long does it take to receive a visa?

Processing times vary depending on the visa subclass. If you need information about a specific type of visa and its processing time, please contact us or check the Departments website.

What if my application has already been refused by the Department of Immigration?

Under certain circumstances, if there is a problem with your application such as being refused, you can apply for your application to be reviewed by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The review process allows you to submit new, compelling evidence to support your visa application. Cejo immigration lawyers can help you find and compile this evidence and advice you on your chances of success, as well as negotiate on your behalf.

If successful, the Tribunal may emit the decision to the Immigration Department, affirming that you have met the requirements for the visa to be granted, or if unsuccessful it will affirm the Department’s decision refusing to grant the visa. In some cases, you may also take your case to the federal court, where Cejo Migration lawyers are able to represent you.

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If I intend to engage with Cejo Migration Agents, what happens next?

Our agents will start of with a 15 – 30-minute consultation to understand your situation and how we can best assist you. If we are able to assist you, we will then set up an initial consultation which is charged to get all your details to submit an engagement letter for you to understand the service that will be provided for you. If you agree with the advice and you are happy to proceed. You and Cejo Migration sign a contract of agreement where we start the work to get the decision you desire from the department.

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