Family & Partner Visa Program

If you are the life partner of an Australian citizen or permanent resident and wish to move to Australia to join them you may qualify for a partner visa if you are engaged, or their DeFacto spouse, or in a same-sex partner relationship.

Visa subclasses under the Family & Partner Visa Program include:

Spouse/De Facto Spouse Visa

This visa applies to wives, husbands, and long-term committed partners who are not married.

Prospective Marriage (Fiancé) Visa:

This visa is applicable for a fiancé. It is valid for 9 months, and the applicant must get married during this time. After they are married, the applicant is entitled to apply for a spouse visa while they are living in Australia.

Remaining Relative and Aged Dependent Visa:

If an applicant’s only near relatives are settled Australian permanent residents or citizens, then they can apply for the Remaining Relative and Aged Dependent Visa. ‘Aged’, elderly people that are reliant on their Australian family to financially support them for their basic needs are also eligible for this visa.

The Parent visa classes may provide an opportunity to reunite with family in Australia if you meet certain conditions.

Parent Visa

Parent(s) who are sponsored by their child (who is a settled Australian citizen or permanents resident) may be eligible for this visa.

Child Visa

This visa applies to natural or adopted children or Australian citizens or permanent residents.There are certain circumstances where this may also apply to a step child.

Carer Visa

If you need to care for an Australian relative, who is a permanent resident or citizen you may be eligible for a Carer Visa. The relative must be capable of sponsoring the applicant, and must demonstrate that they are in need of care due to a medical condition.

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