About Us

Cejo Consulting has legal professionals with extensive experience both in Australia and overseas. The professionals are trained to provide you with information about any questions relating to international travels whether for education, employment, business or otherwise.

Our migration agents and lawyers are happy to assist you at any stage of your visa application. We can offer you guidance, answer questions, and provide you the right information for your individual scenario. Our passion is to provide more opportunities for people.

Educational courses that match student’s career aspirations.

We solicit for fees & scholarships that meets your budget.

We help with visa & immigration process.

We will represent you in court

We will help you find answers to all your questions.

What Else?

In addition to our services, we provide information about opportunities in Australia and overseas. We provide extensive information about international summer internships, placement options, higher study options and guide to skilled occupation that can lead to working visas.

Our Commitment

We provide assistance for family reunion, including students who are traveling with their families. The services include childcare, primary school admissions and accommodation assistance. To find out more contact us today to start your journey.

Our Mission

We aim to provide affordable support and consultation in any area of the student application process or skilled migration that is proficient and timely. We assist students and migrants to expedite the process which allows them to achieve their purpose for an international education and employment opportunities.